Woman’s Marriage Migration Based on Alikoç Village, Macedonia


Selda Adiller

Abstract: The Balkans is familiar with the phenomenon of migration due to its geographical, historical, political and cultural structure. One of the historical and political migrations is Balkanization migration. The migrations occurred at the individual and the mass level.
They occurred because of the economic needs and, especially in Macedonia, through marriage. Thereby, while the political and the historical migrations are decreasing, the women’s migration through marriage is increasing. This study mentioned the migration through marriage in Alikoç Village, Macedonia.
The women’s migration occurred through marriage is invisible in Alikoç. However, the qualification and importance of women in the migration is increasingly revealed through national-international researches. This study aims to make the invisible and the increased migration of women more visible. Hence, the information obtained from 6 months field research (2010-2011) was supported with the literature studies and were updated with the information from villager.

Keywords: Migration, Marriage Migration, Macedonia, Macedonian Yuruks, Alikoç Village

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