Prof. Dr. Bozkurt Güvenç lost his life

prof. dr. bozkurt güvenç

Anthropologist, architect, critic and writer Dr. Bozkurt Güvenç lost his life on 10 Dec 2018 at the age of  92 …

prof. dr. bozkurt güvenç

Bozkurt Güvenç was born in Samsun in 1926 as the son of a soldier family. He studied primary and secondary school in different cities due to his father’s duty. He then attended the boarding school of Kabataş High School in Istanbul. He started his university education in Istanbul Technical University. After attending this university for one year, he went to the United States as a State Scholar to complete his architectural studies in the United States in 1950. After returning to Turkey, he worked as an engineer in TCDD (Turkish State Railways) for a while. He married in 1952. During the Democratic Party, which followed the transition to the multiparty system, he was interested in education, philosophy and alienation. In 1962-63, he received a USAID scholarship to follow the Education and Humanity programs at Columbia University (USA) (M.A. 1963), since then he started his anthropological research and studies. He founded the Department of Anthropology at Hacettepe University. He became an associate professor in 1969 and a professor in 1977, he retired from professorship in 1993.

After he retired, he had continued to teach graduate students anthropology courses in Yeditepe University for more than 10 years.

In his researches, Güvenç focused his attention on the problems of humanity, culture, education and change.

He spent his 50 years of life for anthropological studies and published his research achievements in many great books, the most important ones are Turkish Identity, Japanese Culture, Human and Culture, Culture and Education, Social and Cultural Changes, Culture and Democracy and so on.

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